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Spay and Neuter

We believe that reproductive sterilization (spay and neuter surgery) is the most humane and effective way to combat pet overpopulation and to reduce animal shelter admissions and pet euthanasia rates.

Additionally, we believe pets live longer and healthier lives when they are spayed and neutered. We choose to work with clients who are willing to spay and neuter their pets at the appropriate age, depending on their species and breed. Our initial medical evaluation and preventive care (vaccination, flex).


Cat Spay
$ 125

Cat Neuter
$ 95

Feral Cat (includes rabies vaccine)
$ 100

Dog Spay
$150 – $350

Dog Neuter
$100 – $ 300

“Additional charges apply for dogs over 80 pounds, obese pets, pregnancies, pyometras, cryptorchid
castrations, and other complications.”